Songwriter to Producer to Artist - King Fernand is “HAPPINESS TO LIFE

The music is the solo project of King - a Florida based songwriter/producer/ artist . He has developed a timeless concept and delivers a style that transcends multiple boundaries. “ HAPPINESS TO LIFE "is appealing to fans with a blending famed POP/  EDM/ HIP-HOP /ROCK sounds with uplifting messages. At this moment, King is focused on the business of writing music for Sync  Licensing. King began playing the guitar while he was in High School, then moved on to College and studied music theories for a year and a half. He had a private music instructor along the way. While he was growing up in NYC, he had the opportunity of playing many different styles of music and has performed with tons of Pop, Urban, Rock, Latin, and  Reggae bands. King's original style of music is another step forward showing audiences that the song can be crafted in a meaningful, emotional, and captivating manner. King has been involved in the writing and releasing of two albums and several singles in the past. The energy, talent, and storytelling ability have made him a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. King was born in Haiti, grew up in NYC, and now resides in the State of Florida.


GenresPOP //EDM / HIP-HOP / ROCK / Acoustic 


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